It is of course annoying if you have a complaint about the service. However, we kindly ask you to follow our procedure rules, as mentioned below. We do our utmost best to solve your complaint as soon as possible

In order to resolve your complaint fast we ask that you contact us first, that way we can hopefully help you out!
Our information:
Leegtestraat 6
8020 Ruddervoorde
Tel: 050278431

We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt. If it requires more time, we will inform you of this.

Complaint handling and disputes

The consumer does not have the right to cancel the purchase if it relates to personalized purchases or purchases made according to the customer’s specifications.

If you have a complaint about a purchase but you do not want to go to court, you can try using the European platform ( http: //ec.europa .eu / odr / ) for the online dispute resolution scheme. This is only valid for purchases via the internet. When using always our mail address and when sending your mail, put our e-mail address in CC.

  1. In the event of non-payment of the invoice within the stipulated period, default interest will be owed by law from the due date without prior notice, In addition, a fixed compensation of 10% of the total invoice amount with a minimum of 25 euros is due.
  2. The delivery costs:
    Pick-ups are of course free of charge in our warehouse during opening hours.
    Deliveries from € 100 are delivered free of charge. for orders less than € 100, there is only a small surcharge of € 4.75.
  3. The method of payment, delivery or implementation of the agreement: Customer can choose to pay via webshop or upon collection or delivery of the goods
  4. Method of returning the good, including any associated costs: Returning in good condition is at the expense of the buyer
  5. As long as the delivered goods have not been paid, they remain the property of the seller.
  6. The agreement can be terminated by both parties without any compensation in the event of force majeure, for example: strike, lock-out, strike of the other party, etc.
  7. Lowest price guarantee : The lowest price guarantee means normal trade in accordance with the law on trade practices, sales from bankruptcy, stolen products or illegal trafficking of traders are not covered by our lowest price guarantee
  8. Warranty: The current owner is the first owner from the date of purchase owner (if applicable from delivery to). Every guarantee requires this to be used. Fragile goods such as dinnerware is not covered by the guarantee.
  9. Belgian law applies to this agreement.


Do you still have questions about this? Feel free to mail us your question and we will respond within one business day.