Why choose maro cookware?

because we at maro believe in quality over quantity, we have been working on this cookware since 1987, we’ve consulted multiple renowned chefs to get their feedback on what to improve. So over the years maro cookware has had the ability to constantly reinvent itself and therefore we are confident in giving 30 years of warranty on all of our pots/pans/… even for professional usage!

I’ve never heard about Maro?

That’s because the chefs who create amazing dishes don’t want to give up there secret! It would be like a magician that reveals the trick. All of our cookware has a patented bottom that creates a uniform heating surface (even on gas hobs) this means that your food cooks evenly throughout. Another big advantage of our patented bottom is the fact that it’s so smooth it doesn’t need a special coating to make it non stick, you can even cook fish in all of our pans all without destroying the fish because it just does not stick to it!

I want to learn more?


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